Our products are manufactured from best winter-felled round-wood with fine fibres. We sell our goods in all different lengths and dimensions of timber species larch, spruce, Scotch Pine and cembra pine. Our modern kiln allows us to dry and heat the products.

Of course we produce special assortments, too. We satisfy our clients with quality, flexibility and short times of delivery.

Here you can send us a nonbinding inquiry and we will put all our efforts in contacting you and submitting you an offer as soon as possible.

square timber

  • the classical square timber for the field vision and non field vision
  • standard dimension permanent on stock

block wall timber

  •  dimension 130 x 220 mm dry on stock

shelves and jambs

  • Rauhschalung
  • building board
  • Baupfosten
  • Baumorali
  • frame stake
  • litter shuttering

batten and scale

  • for roof batten and interior fittings
  • all marktable goods- artificial dried- on stock
  • short delivery time
  • special dimensions
  • exact capping accelerate the converting

plane goods / contour plank

  • application for the outdoor area and indoor area
  • contour plank with 19 and 24mm size
  • terrace floor in larch
  • special design in spruce, larch and swiss stone pine
  • fire protection shuttering 40mm


  • on request


  • on request

saw byproducts

  • sawdust
  • kludge asset
  • splinter
  • cap timber
  • bark

energy timber/ -kludge asset

  • forest kludge asset G30 - G100

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